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To become a wholesale reseller of our products you first must be in the automotive performance business and complete the form below.

AIRDYNAMIKS reserves the right to accept or decline an application at our own discretion. 

Once your account has been approved, you will have discounted prices on our website.

Please allow up to 48 business hours for account verification and wholesale discount setup.

See the multiple advantages to becoming a dealer with us: 

Price Wars Are Lose-Lose Situations 

We know the quality of our produts and already set retail price to be competitive in the air suspension market. With every other advantage we offer, taking the time to explain the customer what AIRDYNAMIKS offer will help closing sales more than trying to give additional discounts. It's always a pleasure to take the time explaining to our dealers what they can use and say to help promote AIRDYNAMIKS products

Price wars may give you sales and improve your conversion rate, but ultimately you won’t make much profit. Drastically dropping your prices to compete is a shortcut that is incredibly harmful to your business. We always do our best to give a certain area to each dealer where we will not accept any other shop but as most customer use the web to shop, we cannot control the reach of a website. We ask our dealers to respect the retail price to keep fair competition but cannot be held responsible if one give better shipping rates or discounted install service to get the sale.

There’s no reason to take part in price warfare of any kind.

So this is why we don't offer any MAP price and obligate all retailer to sell the same price (Retail Price) without any reduction. We are very strict and we usually verify all our reseller and we can send a "mystery" email or call and check if you sell the right price. So that's why it's a good advantage to sell our products in your store. It levels the retail playing field and can curb price wars.

RETAIL PRICE violations can result in a terminated relationship and we close your reseller account.

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    Account Registration


    Once the form is completed, please create an account on the website. Sales manager will take the time to confirm your information and decide on the initial discount level applied on your account. If any additional information is required, we will contact you by email within 24/48h to complete your request. 

    As soon as your request is approved, we will apply the discount on your account and will send you a confirmation email to let you know that your dealer account is now completed. 

    We prioritize email with our dealers and always answer them in priority. Our sales team will always be ready to answer you for any kind of request (Quote, product availability, additional information, new application request and more)