Part number: VW49-AD
  • Adjustable camber plate top mount
  • 24 Damping adjustment level
  • Adjustable lower mounts
  • Bolt on application/ No modification needed
  • Monotube strut internal configuration
  • Stainless hardware
  • Braided  stainless steel leader air lines
  • Push to connect 1/4” port
  • Include 50 to 55mm front adapter


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The Airdynamiks air strut upgrade for Volkswagen Jetta facelift MK6.5 2015-2018 offer you the ability to adjust the ride height of  approximately 4-5 inch from inflated to aired out. The threaded shock body and lower mount allow you to adjust the range you want to keep a secure aired out height and easily reach your desired ride height or the perfect fitment you are looking for. Designed to perform when you ask more from your suspension, the monotube shock configuration offer optimized handling performance while the 24 level of damping adjustment allow you to get the exact comfort level you are looking for.

This suspension system come with front adjustable camber plates to set your wheel alignment to avoid excessive tire wear or to allow clearance for aggressive wheels when aired out.

As the VW Jetta 15-18 can be equipped with 50 or 55mm front shocks (depending on the trim and engine), the front come with 50mm front lower mounts and sleeves to convert to 55mm if needed.

The rear separate bags configuration include adjustable shocks, bags and hardware. Shocks are designed to reuse the stock upper shock mounts. Adjustable shocks allow you to precisely set the working range of your suspension. This configuration only offer factory adjustment for wheel alignement. Aftermarket adjustable control arms may be needed for aggressive wheels and tight fitment

Airdynamiks products are always designed with quality material to ensure like-new look and performance for years.

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Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 26 in
Brand - Marque

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